Quite recently we were briefed upon our objectives and purposes for this module, which is in principle based around the preparation and definition of our final major project next semester. In a sense, this a largely research based module that will act as a means of developing a potential research proposal that will act a starting point for our most ambition photographic project to date.

Throughout this, we will be updating this proposal through idea development and research, that will be supported through feedback from our lecturers. In this, we must consider as many aspects as possible as a means of defining our potential approach, conceptually and aesthetically and how appropriate it is within our intended market/audience.

Within this briefing, we were asked to start considering our fields of photographic interest, how we define our own work through keywords and what we might want to communicate through a larger body of work. For me, this is divided into two areas, one more familiar than the other, landscapes and wildlife, and in turn a desire to become involved with conservation.

From the beginning of my third year, I have had a desire to move away from some of my more nostalgic, romantic views of nature and land and moved further towards a documentary, realist approach. Finding inspiration from other photographers such as Jem Southam, Fay Godwin, Simon Denison, Pal Hermansen and Hermann Hirsch. This was especially the case during my video project, in which I started to think about new approaches to the documentation of  human influences via land use, management and pollution, relating this to recent political policies.

I would like to continue this approach further, but I will need to reflect upon the specific details and began initial research.



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