Initial Ideas & Considerations for Research Proposal

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would like this project to follow a similar approach to my video project in its desire to follow a contemporary documentary approach as well as a representation of current conservation efforts towards the preservation and/or restoration of life forms.

This would likely also follow a nationally defined concept in collaboration with various relevant environmental/wildlife organisations based upon both pre-existing and new research of conservation projects.

Again, I would like to revisit the concept of human and animal interaction in some capacity, whether this is direct or indirect, as this is a concept that I find creatively inspiring. Perhaps the story could follow a broad concept in both landscape and wildlife photography, one which would appeal more to current topics of interest.

I am interested in the idea of undertaking a more environmental standpoint, one which might appeal more to the approach of Simon Denison’s Quarry Land in its desire to represent a particular areas or communities, perhaps looking towards two sides of a story. This may involved the ongoing conflict between the desire for human development and the need to preserve natural environments and life forms.

At this stage, my ideas are quite broad and will need to be refined further through research and consideration. As a starting point, I intend to consider recent environmental/wildlife news that might allow me to focus and concentrate upon a particular aspect, that may allow my work to have a greater sense of definition and relevance.

I am also considering using more varied equipment to determine a sense of scale and perspective, ranging from wide landscapes to macro images of natural subjects, this would allow my audience a wider range of understanding and point of view, which to me in essence is what I find desirable about macro which allows us to see detail missed by the human eye.

I also intend to consider the work of more current and contemporary practitioners within these fields as means of formulating ideas both visually and theoretically. This should be reinforced further through the acknowledgement of contrasting views and topics in a political and cultural sense, an aspects I started to consider through the conflict of agricultural and industrial development taking priority above the maintenance and well being of SSSI’s, wildlife sites, heritage sites etc…

I will update with my initial research findings.


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