Research: Jem Southam – The River Winter

For this post, I decided to revisit the work of photographer Jem Southam as a means of generating ideas and considering the presentation of a landscape photo story.

I decided to focus upon a body of work I was unacquainted with as a means of exploring new concepts relating to a familiar photographer. I found that this allowed me to consider Southam work upon a more specific point of view rather than as a larger collection of various narratives, I started to see how one more specific project can unfold over repeated observation and understanding.

Jem Southam - The river winter 1 Jem Southam - The river winter 2 Jem Southam - The river winter 3


Although the changes with the landscapes themselves appear very subtle upon first glance, they speak a broader story of natural story and human interaction, the continued influence of humanity expanding into natural spaces and its gradual pollution of water, specifically here in relation to rivers and the corruption of surrounding soil that in turn will likely influence the existence of other life forms within these areas.

The presentation of the images themselves is simplistic but very effective maintaining visual cohesion and narrative fluidity.

I find the subject of water to be a very compelling subject, often forming part of my landscape experimentation in the past. Perhaps with further research into the current environmental stories, I might find a greater level of significance within this area of interest.

I will continue my research and present my current ideas within my next feedback session.


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