Idea: Working Title & General Theme

Based upon my recent research of water consumption & abstraction in relation to environmental/wildlife topics, contemporary practitioners and relevant conservation or governmental organisations, I have been able to generate a potential working title that I feel encapsulates the concept I am currently developing upon.

Britain’s Lost Waters: The Ripple Effect

I want this to reinforce the subject of freshwater and its significance as a life source to almost every life form on earth, provided by nature and essential to our well being and lifestyles.

In this, I intend to discuss how even one seemingly small change or disturbance can cause other widespread issues.

For example the domestication and breeding of minks, whom escaped into the wild and created a critical threat towards water voles, a native species. However, through the protection and/or restoration of popular wildlife sites, there has been a significant increase in otters, which then in turn has restored more of an ecological balance through reducing mink numbers.

As a result, I want this concept to underpin my project, and in a sense express the ripple effect both literally and figuratively.

I am still revising my previous proposal, which I have fallen behind in due continued illness, however I am still attempting to continue my research and idea development.

I feel much more confident within this concept and title especially in terms of its current national and ecological significance.



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