Feedback Session 2- Group C (AM)

For this feedback session, I presented my current research proposal and well as discussing some of the research and wetland images I have undertaken as a part of my new theme, freshwater.

I received a strong positive response for my working title and overall concept, it was discussed how this could evolve from a national to an international scale project in the future. My images were generally acknowledged as aesthetically pleasing but not quite specific enough to the concept I intended to develop.

I was asked to refine my approach further and look towards wider issues outside of natural history and in the context of human influences in management, conservation and ecology from which to draw comparisons.

I was asked to perhaps start looking towards environmental matters through organisations such as the environmental agency, water boards, consider relevant projects or water energy sources, or perhaps speaking with my partner or to find textbooks & references about freshwater biology/ecology to gain a greater understanding natural and human governed influences on water sources.

It was recommended that I look further at the format of existing environmental/documentary photo stories to gain a feel for the aesthetics and flow of the narrative. This would allow me to generate ideas of how I might approach this visually.

Overall, I felt that I had a good starting point from which to develop upon, I was pleased that my concept was reaffirmed as relevant and diverse, it just needed to be expanded and refined further.

I will reflect upon this and update.


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