Research: Potential Locations

One of the last stages of consideration and research is to look for any potential location for future visits and shoots during my final major projects. For this, I have started with more local and accessible areas that might prove to be of significance when developing my ideas for my narrative. I looked at connections between rivers, wetlands,weirs, estuaries, reservoirs and so forth, to see how could relate them and how they might serve represent both sides of my story, of conservation or management.

From this, I was able to highlight a variety of areas that could be aesthetically and contextually appropriate for this project.

This includes: River Mersey – Mersey Estuary, New Years Bridge Reservoir, Wirral Peninsula, Manchester Ship Canal, Seaforth Dock. River Dee – Dee Estuary, Burton Mere Wetlands, River Alyn, Alwen Reservoir, Connah’s Quay.

I also found an article featured upon the Wildlife Trust website and refers to a recommended marine conservation zone, Aln Estuary in Alnmouth which is currently under threat and is one the of nearest marine focused sites to visit.

Aln Estuary Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Plaice  (Credit Dereck Haslam)Plaice (Credit Dereck Haslam)

Estuaries provide doorways for many creatures, creating corridors that link rivers to the sea.

Providing important feeding grounds for migratory birds and nursery grounds for many marine fish, like plaice.

This site has been designated to protect the estuarine habitats found here including coastal sealtmarshs, saline reedbeds and restuarine rocky habitats.

Located on the Northumberland coast this is one of only two estuaries recommended within the North Sea. Estuaries provide a link between the land and sea and are home to unique communities of life making them of particular importance within the MCZ network.

The Aln has been recommended for a range of habitats including mud, sand, gravel, sheltered muddy gravel, estuarine rocky habitats, saltmarsh and saline reedbed. It is one of the few places within the North Sea supporting seagrass and has significant importance for feeding and roosting birds, including gulls, dunlins and other waders such as redshanks, curlews, snipe and wigeons. Estuaries are also important for juvenile fish. The Aln supports sprat, flounder, sandeel, plaice and European eel.

Location map

Contains UKHO Law of the Sea data.

I am also considered Morecambe Bay as a location for test shots as this would offer a local coastal reference with a history of industry that influences its water usage and pollution, it has reported to have wildlife sightings. Therefore this a potential to develop initial images.

I intend to develop this further prior to submission, however I feel I have established a good started point for initial photo experimentation.

At this stage, I believe it likely I will look towards areas in the North West that have a high demand for water supply or abstraction. Especially if this is the source of other my other considered location. Potentially there is a connection between cities/towns and more rural, natural areas, as this would offer varied aesthetics whilst maintaining narrative cohesion.


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