Feedback & Future Research

Today, I received an email from Moira which discussed feedback in relation to my latest version of my research proposal.

I would like to stress that you showed beautiful images of birds which didn’t marry with your concerns. I know this is early day’s but you must concentrate on making the right kinds of photographs for your hard hitting and news worthy story.
You asked me for some research. Here are some references which may help you:
Sophie Gerrard
Document Scotland
Alicia Bruce
Sebastiao salgado
Jessica Backhaus
It may well be worth looking at some geography theory – trawl the library shelves and speak with your boyfriend to get you reading around the subject
See: news photo-essay’s in papers such as The Guardian, National Geographic, Libération, The Independent, Foto 8.
Much of the latter discussion, I have already started to refine and develop prior and post presentation through my research of freshwater biology and eco-systems, geological theory relating to water consumption/management and which organisations that I could contact and/or interact with as part of this body of work, as well as processing particular approaches I could follow such as looking at connecting rivers, weirs, estuaries, reservoirs, wetlands, lakes and marine sites, starting in the North West.
I have also been looking at the work of other photographers, now with a more specific documentary focus.
However, the listed examples suggested by Moira may help refine this further aesthetically.
If possible, I may also attempt to experiment with more specific photographs in preparation, this should help me focus further on the environmental/wildlife approach I wish to pursue for final major project.
I will update with further research/idea development.

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