Visual References: Potential Compositions

Throughout the duration of this module through preparation and research, I have started to generate ideas and potential location. I felt optimistic that a test shoot would be available to me prior to submission. However due to financial restrictions, ill health and severe weather conditions, I have been unable to undertake image experimentations prior to finalising this module. As a result, I intend to remedy this as soon as possible. I have also been able to acquire new equipment and finances to facilitate more successful image development and site access. If possible I will aim to develop some very basic test shots, but this is likely to begin after 09/01/14.

In the meantime, I will refer to previous examples of similar imagery that I have produced in previous projects. This should allow me to demonstrate some of aesthetic approach and compositions I might develop in such environments. For this, I have focused upon locations nearby to my home town. This is obviously as a very rough process, as there will be a different intent and focus through my intended series, however, there are a few similarities in terms of the general visual qualities of freshwater sources and coastal locations. As well as evidence of water based bird life during my visits to Blackpool and St Annes, for which it might be likely to feature similar feeding and/or flight formations during visits to estuaries. marine sites or wetland areas.


IMG_5519 IMG_5523 IMG_5538 IMG_5543 IMG_5562 + IMG_5585

St Annes/Lytham

IMG_5366 IMG_5377 IMG_5380 IMG_5396 IMG_5402 IMG_5407+


IMG_5442 IMG_5452 IMG_5456 IMG_5460 IMG_5469

Hurstwood Reservoir

IMG_5311 IMG_5313 IMG_5333 IMG_5340

Widdop Reservoir

IMG_5249 IMG_5253 IMG_5264 IMG_5266 IMG_5267 IMG_5274 IMG_5289


I have also started to reflect upon other examples upon a wider scale from various visits around the UK. I have found this reflection of my previous represent of water to be quite constructive is highlighted visual qualities I want to represent within this new series such as views of water based wildlife, as well various differences in terms of format and narrative such as documentation of water management and conservation. It demonstrated how my practice had developed since and made me feel confident I could find new ways to define my documentary focus for my final major project.

I will reflection upon this and begin to formulate a potential narrative structure/idea.


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